Cooley Distillery Whiskey Bar

Dedicated Cooley Distillery Whiskey Bar.

We recently completed and opened our dedicated Cooley Distillery Whiskey Bar. This bar is designed to cater for whiskey lovers and those who want to see the vast collection of award winning whiskeys distilled and bottled in the Cooley Distillery. We regularly hold Cooley Whiskey tasting events in this bar and help raise awareness of the exceptional Cooley Whiskey brands.

Cooley distillery Whiskey bar

 Here are a few pictures of the inside of our cooley whiskey bar. You can also take a virtual 360 google tour around our whiskey bar, main bar and our visitor centre.

The walls of our whiskey bar are filled with memoribilia of our 4 famous Cooley whiskeys; Kilbeggan single grain, Kilbeggan blended whiskey, Tyrconnel and connemara.

Cooley distillery Whiskey bar  Our shelves are filled with Whiskeys and whiskey products and souvenirs. This bar has a very warm and cosy atmosphere
Cooley distillery Whiskey bar

Our walls are filled with Whiskey memoribilia and products.